Thursday, November 16, 2006

TelSanta - How to

Every Christmas, children across the world write thousands of letters to Santa Claus, asking for new bikes, TMX Elmo dolls and even their two front teeth. But today's sophisticated children prefer a more direct route to Saint Nick. The problem is, he's unlisted. Until now.

With Santa's phone number in hand, children can leave a message for Santa Claus himself.It all starts with a visit to TelSanta.

The free service, powered by, uses Voicemail2myEmail(tm) technology to capture messages and deliver them by e-mail to anyone who signs up for the service. Children call a toll-free number and listen to a message from Santa. He will ask them to record their
wish list. Moments after the child leaves his or her voice wish list, the message is delivered by e-mail to Mom or Dad with a .wav file of their child's wish list, in their child's voice.

"You can hear your child's wish list on your computer, forward it to family and friends, and save it forever along with your child's other keepsakes," said Travis May, president of

Parents must register for the free service ahead of time so that the system knows where to deliver the voice recorded wish list.

The interface -- -- gives parents the option of having their children's voice wish list sent simultaneously to their spouses or partners, grandparents or siblings -- anyone who has an e-mail address. does not save the children's messages. The system works just like voicemail, but the message is immediately sent by e-mail instead of residing on a phone service provider's system.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Launched in 2002 and based in Los Angeles, California;TollFreeForwarding provides business and individuals around the globe with a link to customers, colleagues and loved ones with virtual phone numbers in more than 50 countries, international call forwarding, Voicemail2myEmail(tm), Fax2myEmail(tm) and more.

For more information, go to Tollfreeforwarding.

Friday, November 10, 2006

What is TelSanta

Imagine your children calling Santa on his phone and making a wish list? And you in turn have the opportunity of delivering it? TelSanta makes it possible…..With the arrival of the festive season , this interactive site allows your loved ones to call a toll free number which will be answered by one of Santa's elf and your children can tell him their wish list..

Their wish list is then converted into an audio recording which is delivered to your email making it possible for you to hear them and grant their wishes…and whats more, the service is free and involves 3 easy steps of getting a wish list number, calling the number and having the recorded message delivered to your email!

The possibilities are endless….you can call as many times and update your wish list and every message will be carefully delivered to you by email.

So start early- its easy, fun and free….happy holidays